The rural village of Moriac, south of Mount Moriac along the Hendy Main Road, is unusual as a privately laid-out township.


It was the creation of E. E. Hendy, a Geelong estate agent and later a Shire of Barrabool Councillor.  Hendy laid out the township beside Moriac Railway Station in 1924.


The Moriac General Store and Post Office was built in 1925 to a design by Lieut. Col. F. C. Purnell.


The town was initially slow to develop, but survived the closure of the railway line and grew to house a population of several hundred. Though still heavily rural in nature, the town now largely serves as a satellite village of Geelong, with many residents commuting into the city to work.


The town is home to Moriac Primary School, which has approximately 200 students.